Officers and contact information


President: April ( Shannon ) Threet

Vice President: Mari Martinez

Treasurer: Joann Phares

Secretary: Karen TerMeer  

AFA/ Delegate: Carol Woodson

Newsletter Editor:  Gerry Stoner

BCV Delegate:
Donnie Hedgebeth


Breeders, Pet Owners, and Enthusiasts Learning and Working Together

  • 1982-2009 Twenty Seven Years of Service
  • Part of Bird Clubs of Virginia
  • &
  • Affiliated with American Federation of Aviculture


In 1982, when the first members of PBAV came together as a club, exotic birds were readily available. There were no restrictions on importation, and finches, canaries, budgies, and parrots came into the United States by the carload, boatload, and planeload. Many came in legally, and many more were smuggled across the borders. Many, died as a result of disease, poor nutrition, and mishandling.

Alan Greer, along with other concerned breeders in the area, established and incorporated the Parrot Breeders Association of Virginia, to promote education, avian research, conservation and responsible breeding standards and practice

Today, we are known as the Pet Bird Association of Virginia. The world has changed and we have all become environmentally more aware. In 1992 the Wild Bird Conservation Act was passed by the US Congress, and importation of most exotic birds became a thing of the past. Our club membership now consists of pet bird owners as well as veterinarians, pet store owners, rehabilitators, shelter owners, and breeders. But our goals are the same as they always support the many fine education, research, and conservation programs which affect not only our lives, but also the lives and well being of our feathered companions.

Whether your best buddy is a single tiny finch or you surround yourself with giant macaws, we’re all in it together... for the birds.